True freedom is living a life of purpose. I know this because I have lived it. PurposeFest started as one on one conversations around purpose with individuals who were seeking meaning and fulfillment. As I had these conversations, it opened the door to more conversations. In no time, I had become the purpose guru in our church community.

I started developing the Ps of Purpose through those initial sessions. I soon realized how powerful they were in helping people navigate the confusion to find a clear path to their reason for existing. It was life-changing.

After those initial conversations, I launched my first course, Purpose Sessions, and realized how vital a need for the search for purpose was. Purpose sessions eventually led to PurposeFest.

PurposeFest is a transformative and energetic gathering of purpose-driven, visionary leaders passionate about changing the world.

PurposeFest is a curated experience carefully crafted for budding and aspirational leaders. Every person you meet at PurposeFest has an amazing and inspiring story that you get to share. Everyone leaves feeling like family.

PurposeFest gives you access to amazing speakers, thought leaders, and a purpose-driven community. PurposeFest will help you focus on your core power, gifts, talents, and authentic self.

I hope you join us at the next one.