I value my time, ideas and impact. If you’ve got a project or opportunity that you think I can add value to, do reach out below. If you’re bootstrapping (and I love bootstrappers), then pitch me on how supporting you can add more value to my business and life. I believe in win-win partnerships.

I’ve worked with…

Here are broad project types that I am passionate about. Any engagement will require a minimum of 5 hrs of my time.

Marketing Strategy

Support the creation of marketing strategies, lead strategy workshops, with actionable ideas on Lead generation and product journey development.

Business Growth

Lead the execution of business development initiatives into emerging markets or identifying new opportunities, pre-product market fit, SAAS launch and more.

Book Publishing

Lead the development and production of book design and layout for self-publishing authors.

Event Strategy

Provide event planning, logistic frameworks, experiential ideas and even host/anchor.

Fractional CMO

Get the benefits of a full time marketing executive for a fraction of the cost. With over 20 years experience across diverse industries, leverage Rotimi’s leadership on your team leading your marketing efforts.