Platform Circle

I believe in the power of relationships. I can trace my personal growth to the amazing relationships (family, friends, mentors, and partners) that I have carefully nurtured over the years. I always tell people that it takes longer if you go at it alone, but if you stand on the shoulders of mentors and push forward with the security of accountability partners, nothing can stop you.

I created Platform Circle because I couldn’t find an easy way to manage the relationships in my life through social media or any of the digital tools. I needed a way to track milestones, personal goals, events, birthdays, and even get in touch with mentors and accountability partners who could see my progress on different projects. 

master your life

Platform Circle is a life-mastery and productivity tool that fuels personal growth driven by goal-setting and accountability through different circles of relationships. 

Platform Circle leverages your relationships to empower you so you can master your life.

Be Empowered
by Your Circle

Share your vision with your team, family, or mentors to keep yourself accountable and connected with those that motivate you the most. 

Meet Your
Business Needs

Manage your projects and team in one system to increase business productivity and efficiency.

Platform Circle is in its pre-market MVP stage.


See reports and analyze your workflow and personal needs.

Platform Circle is in its pre-market MVP stage.