How to Effectively Leverage Your Mentor-Mentee Relationship for Results

Mentors are seasoned professionals who provide formal or informal guidance to someone with less experience. This guidance is mostly to help the less-experienced individual become better professionally.

Mentors are important, but your mentor-mentee relationship may not be successful if not managed effectively. One key challenge between mentors and mentees is effective communication. When choosing a mentor, it is important to have a clear and agreed platform to communicate with your mentor regularly.

This challenge is one of the things that informed our feature on Platform Circle that gives access to Mentors and Accountability Partners. With Platform Circle, you are able to share your vision, works, and projects with your mentor in a straightforward way that enables prompt feedback.

Here’s how Platform Circle will help you leverage your mentor-mentee relationship for results:

  1. Access to information on a single platform: Mentors are experienced professionals that provide guidance to less-experienced people. Platform Circle understands the challenge that mentors and mentees experience with communicating across different platforms. This is why it allows you to invite people into your circle. With this feature, you can invite your mentor or mentors and accountability partners to a single platform to access an array of information.
  2. Progress reports and resources: After sharing your vision with your mentors, you expect them to track your progress. The way they can do this is by viewing important resources and files and receiving progress reports about each project. Many mentees struggle to deliver such information to their mentors, especially when they are in different geographical locations. With Platform Circle, your mentors can now view all of these pieces of information and more. This way, they can provide professional advice to help you improve as a person while boosting productivity.
  3. See availability and schedule meetings easily: Mentors are typically busy individuals. This means that you may find it difficult to grab their attention when you need to. Platform Circle allows you to see the availability of your mentors so that you can schedule meetings easily. Now, you don’t have to place several unanswered calls or face disappointments. Scheduling meetings has become a lot easier for both mentors and mentees using Platform Circle.

Would you like to take advantage of these benefits and more? You can enjoy a 3-month free trial using the code: FREECIRCLE, sign up at https://platformcircle.com/signup.