GodKulture is a global community of leaders influencing the world with the culture of the kingdom.

Founded in college, Rotimi discovered his purpose in life was centered around empowering purposeful leaders to discover their core purpose and change the world for the better through their platforms.

The GodKulture Experience is about Community, growth, and charity. This is summed up under 4 pillars that are called the 4Gs of GodKulture.

The 4 G's of GodKulture

Grow. Govern. Give. Gather.

Through this global network of creative minds using their gifts to touch the world, Rotimi is leading collaborative projects in film, music, theater, entrepreneurship and more.

“We’re working together with other christian professionals to take the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Our goal is to build a conglomerate of kingdom-driven men and women who are dedicated to using their gifts and talents to touch the world.”

Rotimi Kehinde