Achieving Your Goals Before the End of 2023

The days are running by very fast and we’re almost at the end of 2023. It seems like yesterday when we all wrote down resolutions and goals for the New Year. For some of us, God gave us specific assignments and instructions to carry out this year. Now, we are preparing to begin another year, and most of us haven’t achieved a quarter of what we wrote down.

Does it feel like time is running out and we may have to carry over the goals to another year? Of course, but you don’t have to. Let’s discuss a few tips to help you achieve your goals before the end of 2023.


  1. Have a clear vision for the rest of the year: The first step to achieving your goals before the end of this year is to have a clear vision. What do you want to achieve? Even the Bible says, “Write the vision and make it plain.” When you do, it becomes easy to run and channel your efforts in the right direction. Write down your goals, plans, and assignments in an orderly manner somewhere that you can easily view or access them.
  2. Decide on tangible results: Without deciding on tangible results, your goals or plans may be a bit ambiguous. It is no accident that “Specific” and “Measurable” are at the beginning of the goal-setting acronym, SMART. You need to be specific about the results you want to achieve and ensure that they are measurable. For example, if your goal is to write a book, maybe you can decide to finish five chapters before the end of the year. By deciding on tangible results, you have a clear mark you are aiming at.
  3. Know your weaknesses: There is no perfect human; even the seemingly perfect, have their flaws. Identifying yours puts you in a better position to achieve your goals as you can deal with such flaws squarely. A good place to begin is to answer the question, “Why haven’t I achieved my goals so far?” From your answer to this question, you can tell if your issue is internal or external factors. Dealing with these flaws, especially procrastination and getting easily distracted can be quite difficult. You may need the help of an accountability partner or mentor to overcome such weaknesses. Leveraging partners in the area of your weaknesses helps you to create a win-win scenario. 
  4. Embrace sacrifice: No goals can be achieved without some form of sacrifice. Achievements will never fall into your laps without you making some effort. What sacrifices do you need to make to achieve the goals that you set? Find them out and embrace them wholly. Make the sacrifice, and watch yourself achieve those goals. It is never going to be easy, but it will always be worth it.
  5. Do it afraid: Will you be scared as you take the steps towards achieving your goals? Sure, everyone is. If your goals don’t scare you, then they are probably too little for your ability. You must channel that fear into good use. Rather than discourage you, let the fear propel you into achieving your goals. Do it afraid; you have nothing to lose if you do, and a lot to if you don’t. Remember, baby steps are better than no steps at all.
  6. Get it done: Whatever you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year, whether goals, divine assignments, or personal milestones. Don’t rest on your oars until you have accomplished every one of them. It might be close to the end of the year, but you still have some time to get it done. Don’t stop until you do. Whatever God has asked you to do this year, don’t push it to 2024.

It is time to get back on your feet and get moving. Time isn’t waiting so you shouldn’t. Encourage yourself, take these steps, and remember that achieving your goals before the end of the year is still possible. Follow me on all platforms to access more insightful and inspiring posts: @rotimikehinde