5 ways I achieve maximum productivity with Platform Circle

Attaining maximum productivity at consistent levels is one of the top aspirations of any entrepreneur or corporate executive. This is because productivity is seen as one of the keys to success. However, like me, many entrepreneurs struggle to achieve maximum productivity. At least, I was in this boat until I found a way to turn things around.

Being an avid procrastinator reduced my productivity levels drastically. I struggled with missed deadlines, project delays, and low morale several times. This affected my growth on all fronts and dropped profitability to unwanted levels. Then I met Platform Circle and it changed everything.

Platform Circle is a life management tool combining productivity, personal growth, and collaboration in one dashboard. Here’s one secret you must learn, “don’t manage your life; master it.” Since switching to Platform Circle, I have increased my productivity. Here is how:

  1. I set SMART 90-day goals: Starting or running a business requires time, effort, dedication, and patience. You have to be intentional with every process and decision. Before now, I struggled to make any headway, especially with setting and tracking goals. Platform Circle has helped me to set SMART 90-day goals that have been instrumental in improving my productivity. Setting goals is helpful in tracking progress and visualizing ideas and thoughts. Now, I can plan better, make adjustments where and when necessary, and improve efficiency.
  2. I invite my accountability partners and mentors to keep me on track with my goals: Mentors provide guidance while accountability partners ensure that you stay true to the cause. Both are instrumental to maximizing your productivity in different ways. Platform Circle has a feature that helps you to connect both on a single platform to track your goals and projects. They can help you attain the success you desire. I have taken advantage of this feature to boost my productivity and now, I’m achieving a lot more.
  3. I stay connected to my support circle and keep them up to date about key things I am working on: Your support circle includes your team members, friends, and loved ones, as well as mentors and accountability partners. Each of these individuals plays a major role in ensuring that you stay productive as a professional. The problem has always been communicating with them and this is what Platform Circle solves easily. Now, connecting with my support circle is easier and I can update them about my latest projects and goals. In turn, they can offer moral and professional advice and encouragement while tracking my progress.

4. I don’t just create projects, I assign the right people in my circle to work on the projects: One of the challenges project managers face is assigning the right people to handle different project modules. I have experienced this in the past and it has negatively affected overall productivity. With Platform Circle, I can now assign the right individuals to projects, track their performance, and every other team member can see what is being done.

5. I stay focused and integrate my other favorite tools with Platform Circle, such as Zoom, Stripe, and Calendly: We are in a tech age that requires the use of several apps to maximize productivity. However, using all these apps can be quite stressful if you aren’t able to transfer data across the board. The good news is that with Platform Circle, I can integrate several apps, draw data from them, and transfer information across these apps with one click. 

You too can maximize productivity as I have done. Are you ready to achieve maximum productivity? Join Platform Circle today. We are in beta testing, and you can enjoy a 3-month free trial using the code: FREECIRCLE; sign up at https://platformcircle.com/signup