The Brave, The Bold & The Brash

Imagine you’re sitting in front of a big screen, and your future begins to play out in front of you. You see your happy moments, your exciting times, and also the low, the bad, and forgettable moments. You see opportunities and pitfalls. You see pathways to greatness and even the consequences of inaction. You will soon begin to realize the variable in your future is Choice. It’s, however, essential to understand what drives our choices.

Here’s a thought. If the future is guaranteed and your purpose is established, your approach to life changes. Those who have no hope about tomorrow miss their moments and the people who have been placed on their path of destiny.

Life is one big adventure, but adventurers who travel deep into the unknown are risk takers. They have a clear vision of their intention and are often prepared for the physical and mental hardships they will face on their journey. 

How are you approaching the future? Will you be the Bold, the Brave, or the Brash? The bold adventurer sees the beauty in the world and sees opportunity in everything. The bold will boisterously present a terrifying vision and jump right into making it happen. They are magnetic people and attract others to their dreams.

Being bold means you are willing to take risks. It’s confidence in yourself and the future. It’s about having a positive outlook on life.

What about the brave? Being Brave is a matter of Choice. It may come to some more easily by nature or temperament, but kudos to those who, against all odds and opposition, dare to dream big. Bravery is a requirement for leadership and greatness. 

Two words that are used interchangeably with bravery are courage and valor. It confirms that there is an existent threat or danger. That’s why being Brave is so powerful. It doesn’t deny the problems, but it is a deliberate decision to step forward and go forward.

Brave people do fail, but it is in this same state where champions are made. The greatest people in history were Brave men and women who were afraid and had doubts and fears, yet they stood against evil and fought for generations unborn. 

Now let’s talk about the brash and this one you must avoid at all costs. A reckless person leaps without looking. Some mistake this for boldness or bravery, but it is false. It’s a gambler’s throw of the dice. It’s building one’s future on luck, and your luck will run out.

Being brash is arrogance and ignorance on steroids. It’s not counting the cost before jumping into a new venture. It’s living life on false hope and swimming in a river without looking at the warning signs. 

These three concepts will present themselves to you in this new year. Sometimes you will be tempted to rush into things to avoid missing opportunities. At other times, you will face seemingly insurmountable odds, and there’s always the temptation to prove you can do something.

I’m challenging you to be Bold and Brave. To have a vision but to ‘boldly’ step out with a valiant heart. There will be challenges, but you’re a winner. You have to choose to win. 

Here’s to Bold, the Brave, and the Brash, but I recommend a perfect mix of being bold and Brave. Being bold will help you start the journey; being Brave will help you finish it.

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