Tech for Good: How Purposeful Leaders Can Leverage Tech for Change

Tech is moving at a very rapid pace with advances being made by the minute in different sectors. From artificial intelligence to machine learning and The Internet of Things, so much is changing about our world.

Purposeful leaders should not be left behind in this tech revolution. Instead, they must keep up with the times and find the best ways to leverage tech to create positive change in their spheres of influence.

Technology can be used for global good, and here are 5 ways you can do that as a business owner:

    1. Use tech to support worthy causes you are passionate about

      Are you passionate about any worthy causes? Technology can be one of your greatest allies in support of such causes. Examples of worthy causes include climate change, social justice, human rights, and environmental protection. Some of the ways you can leverage tech in this area include:

      • Using social media to raise awareness and mobilize people.
      • Provide access to resources that will help others gain knowledge about your cause such as podcasts, e-books, webinars, and online causes.
      • Becoming more efficient with your interventions through improved data collection and analysis techniques.
      • Innovating new solutions through AI, machine learning, and other new technologies.

    2. Utilize tech to create solutions to issues people have struggled with

      When properly utilized, technology is able to create positive change, especially in the lives of people with struggles. Many people have suffered challenges like child abuse, addiction, hunger, and the effects of climate change. By leveraging tech, you can create solutions for these individuals to improve their lives. From identifying individuals who have suffered child abuse to using tech to improve the production and distribution of food, the benefits are limitless.

    3. Educate others about tech and the options available to them

       One of the best things you can do as a business leader is to educate others about tech. Providing them with educational resources relating to the tech solutions they need opens them up to the options available at their disposal. This way, they can explore these solutions and create positive change for themselves and for others.

    4. Use tech to empower others

       One of the hallmarks of purposeful leaders is equipping others and lifting them. To truly help people, you must teach them how to fish, rather than hand them fish whenever they need. You can use tech to empower people within your sphere of influence. To achieve this, you must provide access to education, relevant information, key communication channels, and opportunities to utilize all you have provided. Through their new skills and the information at their fingertips, these individuals can cause positive ripple effects that will bring the change that you all desire.

    5. Use tech to support relevant public initiatives in society

       As a business owner, you can support several relevant public initiatives using tech. One way you can do this is to create apps or online platforms that will facilitate connecting people with their common interests. Another thing you can do is develop digital solutions to improve the transparency and efficiency of public services.

In conclusion, tech is a powerful tool that purposeful leaders like yourself can leverage for positive change. We have discussed how to use tech in different ways as a business owner in this post. How would you like to utilize tech for good in your own space? Let’s discuss this below.