How to Make 2023 a Remarkable Year

We are already in the second month of the New Year. Almost everyone sets out to make the New Year remarkable through new achievements. Interestingly, many of us return to the status quo within a few days or weeks.

Something you should remember is that New Year’s resolutions are not sufficient. You need to take pragmatic steps to ensure that your 2023 is remarkable.

How do you make 2023 a remarkable year? Here are 5 things you should remember:

  1. Discover your purpose: Purpose is the reason why God created you. No human being was created without one. Discovering your purpose equips you with the zest to live a fulfilled life. It also gives a sense of direction, improves your time management, and enhances your productivity. Spend some time figuring out your purpose if you haven’t done that already. Once you do, a major chunk of your work is done.
  2. Work on your purpose: Discovering your purpose is only one step towards making your year and life remarkable. However, discovering purpose is no use if you don’t work on it. After you discover your purpose, you have to push yourself toward fulfilling that purpose. See your purpose as an assignment from God. You don’t complete an assignment by leaving things to chance. To fulfill your purpose, you must strategize, set goals, manage your time properly, and get to work.

3. Learn goal setting: Without goals, purpose fulfillment is impossible. Goals are the wheels that move you towards purpose fulfillment. If you are going to have a remarkable 2023, you must understand how to set goals. When setting goals, you have to be realistic. Don’t set ambiguous goals that you don’t have the capacity to achieve. Your goals must be specific and measurable. If you cannot track success, you only have a statement of desire, not a goal. Ensure that your goals are time-bound and you stick to the timeline you have set.

4. Master time management: Time is arguably the most important resource on earth. It dictates the seasons and different occurrences. With time, it is possible to measure success. Here’s one thing you should know, you will not always have time. Time is an irredeemable resource. Once you lose it, it is gone forever. As such, time management is a skill that every human being must learn. Find out your distractions and work out a plan to get rid of them. Without self-discipline, you cannot truly master time management. Work with time management apps and resources to get better at managing your time.


5. Rest: The human body is an amazing machine, but it needs rest every now and then. Rest is not “doing nothing.” It is one of the most productive acts you can engage in if you do it right. Rest helps you to reconfigure your system so that you can go again to make a better impact. This year, you have to be more intentional about rest because it is non-negotiable.

Let’s continue this discussion below. How else do you think you can make 2023 more productive? What do you think you will do differently?