How Do You Go From Ordinary To Out Of This World?

No leader wants to remain average. We all have a dream of achieving great feats and doing exploits. All of this is embodied in the phrase, “going from ordinary to out of this world.”

The truth is that you cannot actualize this phrase if you haven’t found your true life purpose. You were designed for a reason, and until you find it, you’re limited to staying on the “ordinary’ plane. The missing link between success and fulfillment is having a sense and understanding of one’s core purpose. This post will show you how to find your purpose as a leader so that you can become extraordinary.

  1. Shut the noise out

    Finding purpose as a leader can be quite tasking because of our strenuous schedules. This is why we are advised to discover purpose first before assuming a leadership position. The good news is that if you haven’t found it yet, you can still do so. However, you must shut the noise out first. Spend some time away from the hustle that accompanies your position. This time off will help you to reflect on your deeper callings. You also get to speak with people that you respect and have earned your trust. Finding purpose will make you more energized and can easily align your actions to achieve extraordinary feats.

  2. Look within

     Your purpose is not outside you, it is always within. If you are going to find it, then you must check within. Let’s look a purpose as the role you were meant to play in God’s master plan. Everything a product needs to fulfill its purpose is within it. The manufacturer already placed it in there. If you are going to find what you need to become extraordinary, you must pause and look within. The inner yearnings of your heart will guide you toward the purpose you were designed to fulfill. Ask the right questions and reflect on the answers you provide. Ensure that you are as truthful and plain with yourself as possible. Within you lies the greatness that you seek.

  3. Connect with others

     Finding purpose is one side of the coin. Being intentional to make it work is the other. You must connect with others to build on your gifts, skills, and abilities. Doing this exposes you to a wider pool of knowledge that will equip you with the information you need to become the leader you have always dreamed of. One place where this is possible is Purposefest. At PurposeFest, our goal is to help unlock those secrets. PurposeFest gives you access to amazing speakers, thought leaders, and a purpose-driven community. The sessions will help you focus on your core power, gifts, talents, and true self.

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