How Discovering your Purpose Keeps you Focused in the Face of Challenges

Purpose, according to the dictionary, is the reason why something is done or a person exists. When you view purpose from this standpoint, then it becomes obvious that purpose is easily one of the most important aspects of human existence. This is because it explains the reason why we are here.

Challenges are also part of our existence, even though sometimes they feel like they will swallow us up. One question that begs an answer is, why can some people ride challenges more easily than others? Your answer, “purpose.”

When you discover purpose, you find the focus to stand strong in the face of challenges. How? The best way to understand how discovering your purpose will keep you focused in the face of challenges is to look at some attributes of people of purpose. Here are a few of their attributes:


  1. Visionaries: Visionary individuals are people who have a strong “vision” of the future. They seem to see what others don’t. Their ideas may come across as unusual or absurd, yet they find a way to make it work. These individuals shift cultures, buck trends, and find solutions to generational problems. When you find purpose, it takes you on a journey that sharpens your vision. All of a sudden, challenges don’t seem so difficult to defeat because your mind is focused on fulfilling that purpose. Instead of discouraging you, the challenges become stepping stones toward fulfillment.
  2. Gratitude: Purpose changes your perspective so much that gratitude becomes part of your personality. The natural man has a tendency to see negativity in different situations. However, when a man finds purpose, they begin to see positivity instead. They see the cup as half full, instead of half empty. Because of this, they find it easy to give thanks all the time, even when they are disadvantaged. Gratitude allows you to see the positive side of every challenge. This way, you can easily find solutions to problems and increase your creativity.
  3. Identify opportunities: What you do in the face of challenges determines whether or not you will get out of those challenges. Every challenge has its fair share of opportunities. However, only people of purpose can find these opportunities. People who have discovered purpose will always seek an opportunity to learn or utilize their creativity. We never truly lose. We either win or learn.

4. Passion: Passion is an attribute that keeps you going when all the odds are stacked against you. When faced with challenges, people of purpose stay resilient because of their passion. It keeps driving them. This passion is drawn from the vision that they have seen and the opportunities they have identified. When you discover purpose, it fills you with a new-found passion that drives you towards success regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

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