5 Ways Commitment Set Purposeful Leaders Apart

It is important to note that purposeful leadership is key to every endeavor. However, not many people fall into the category of purposeful leaders. Purposeful leaders are intentional about their leadership style, setting goals, and producing results.

One of the key qualities of purposeful leaders is commitment. As someone said, you cannot truly be a purposeful leader without commitment. No great leader has ever existed who didn’t show commitment. In this post, we will discuss how commitment sets purposeful leaders apart.


What is commitment in leadership?

A good place to begin this discussion is to define commitment as it relates to leadership. It is an approach where the leader shows dedication to the vision of their team or organization and to their followers. Committed leaders channel their efforts toward establishing key organizational values, setting goals, developing team members, and achieving the desired results. Purposeful leaders are committed leaders. 

The question that begs an answer at this point is, how does commitment set purpose leaders apart? Continue reading to see five ways this happens.

  1. Focus: Focus is highly essential for leaders. Our world is full of distractions, and leaders are not exempt from these distractions. However, through commitment, a purposeful leader develops the focus that helps them ensure a full range of attention. As such, they don’t just focus on themselves, but on team members and the goals that seek to achieve. This focus develops their emotional intelligence and gives them a better understanding to tackle challenges in the line of discharging their duties.
  2. Resilience: This is the capacity to bounce back after dealing with setbacks, adversity, and trauma. Leadership comes with a lot of pressure as everything rises and falls on the shoulders of the leader. With this kind of pressure, it is essential that a leader is resilient at all times. This resilience is only possible through commitment. Commitment is the driving force that keeps the leader going in difficult times.
  3. Communication: Nobody can be a true leader without the ability to clearly communicate their message. Communication is required to convey the vision, mission, and goals to team members and other stakeholders. Through commitment, a purposeful leader can communicate with others such that the listeners don’t only hear words, they can see the pictures and live the vision. The leader doesn’t just speak, they have the ability to listen and draw wisdom from their followers so that they can work together towards achieving a common goal.
  4. Inspiration: Through commitment, a purposeful leader can become an influence that inspires others around them. This attribute helps to raise both team and individual performance levels. It helps to ignite creativity and unlocks the latent potential of their team members. A committed leader inspires their followers through their words, actions, and lifestyle. This inspiration fuels the passion of team members to achieve set goals.
  5. Innovation: We are not always going to have what we need to make things work. However, a purposeful leader, through commitment, is able to come up with new methods. That’s innovation. It helps team members to become creative with their processes and the materials at their disposal to create new products or services. Through innovation, the leader can incorporate a variety of leadership styles to create the right environment for diversity to thrive within their team.

How committed are you as a leader? You need to ask yourself this question regularly as it determines the results you will achieve as a purposeful leader. Follow me on Twitter @rotimikehinde for more on leadership, purpose, and entrepreneurship.