5 Reasons Excellence is Important in Your Purpose Fulfillment Journey

It is not strange to hear people throw the word “excellence” around in creative circles, workplaces, and leadership. Interestingly, we all define this word differently based on our perceptions and experiences.

Excellence is being exceptional at a task or what you do. It involves striving to do the best that you can and being the best that you can be. Excellence is a differentiator. It sets you apart from others. It makes your work speak for you.

The path to purpose fulfillment isn’t smooth or void of challenges. However, excellence helps you to develop the inner strength that you require to overcome these challenges. Excellence is universal, and it differentiates people at all times. It is a mindset.

The place of excellence in maximizing success in your purpose-fulfillment journey cannot be overemphasized. Here are five ways to cultivate excellence wherever you find yourself:

  1. Be committed to excellence in every area of your life: To achieve excellence in every facet of your life, you must want it badly. This means that you must hunger for excellence in everything that you do. You cannot attain excellence if you don’t strive for it in every area of your life. If you don’t crave excellence badly, you will never attain it. The craving inspires commitment that drives you towards the excellence that you seek.
  2. Treat your work like it is your company: You cannot leave any aspect of your work to chance when chasing excellence. Everything that you do, you must treat like it was part of your company that would yield profit. This kind of mindset allows you to create benchmarks that push you toward your ultimate goal, excellence. From arranging your workspace to the way you carry yourself and put together the words you speak. Excellence shouldn’t just be what you crave, it should be a lifestyle.
  3. Pay attention to details with everything you touch: Life is made up of tiny bits of details. It is these details that translate to experiences and results. How you handle the little details will determine your productivity and the success you will achieve. Don’t leave any stones unturned. Go over the minute details over and over to be sure that everything is in place. How you treat the little details will determine how excellent you turn out.
  4. Go the extra mile: When chasing after excellence, you should never rest on your oars. Excellence is always the next level. What you term as excellent today requires a more excellent effort to sustain. This means you always have to go above and beyond to maintain excellence. You must strive to consistently raise the bar.
  5. Stay consistent: Rome was not built in a day. You are not going to become excellent at what you do on the first attempt. Excellence thrives on consistency. You are going to fail several times, but that is the beauty of the journey. When you make mistakes, you get up and go again. Each day is another opportunity to take steps toward becoming excellent. Are you already excellent? You can get better and this only comes through consistency.

Excellence is essential to your purpose fulfillment journey. This post has shown you how to attain excellence. Would you like to find out more? You can connect with me on different platforms via @rotimikehinde.