5 Benefits of Setting Up a 90-day Goal on Platform Circle

I used to be an avid procrastinator until I decided it was time to take back my time and finally start achieving my goals. Usually, I would switch between apps and tools, all in the name of productivity. However, I finally found a system that worked for me.

Setting a 90-day goal provides me with the right timeframe to set and accomplish my goals. I am able to detect what is working and what isn’t working at every 90-day interval. Also, I am able to get feedback from my mentors and accountability partners after a duration of 90 days.

The 90-day duration I set keeps me from procrastinating. Setting a 90-day goal can transform your life. Here’s how:

  1. Revolutionary project management UX: Platform Circle helps you to build more empowered teams, increase your productivity, satisfy clients, and improve profitability. It does this by helping you to connect your projects, docs, and teams via the platform. This way, you can easily track every project, add stakeholders to projects so that they can view progress, and assign tasks to each project team member.
  2. Mentor and accountability partner access: Mentors don’t just help you to become better through their experience, they make you accountable. Platform Circle helps you to milk this benefit as it helps you to stay connected with your mentor and accountability partner. You can invite several relationship types into your circle, see their availability, and schedule meetings when necessary.
  3. Client tracker: Platform Circle has its CRM version designed to help you focus on key data relating to entrepreneurs and founders. This CRM also helps you to eliminate redundancies so that your entrepreneurship enters super drive. The idea is to ensure that you can track each client’s needs and ensure that you satisfy them in a timely manner. You can also keep track of the products or services that you provide to your clients. Finally, you can see ongoing projects for each client through your dashboard and add reminders via the control center.
  4. Interactive calendar: Calendars help you to track your time and make plans for the future. Platform Circle presents you with an interactive calendaring system that allows you to set and see reminders and events. To make it better, you can sort your calendar based on your priorities. The calendar is so interactive that it allows you to assign entries to different categories using an array of icons or colors for easier identification. This way, filtering or sorting your calendar is a breeze.

    5. Optimized reports: If you are going to be productive, you must work with a tool that helps you track and analyze your workflow efficiently. Platform Circle is equipped with analytical prowess that makes it easy to sort through tasks and projects. This way, you can review weekly and monthly performances so that you know where you make adjustments.

Would you like to start setting a 90-day goal? Sign up for free for Platform Circle to begin. Although we are still in beta testing, you can enjoy a 3-month free trial using the code: FREECIRCLE, sign up at https://platformcircle.com/signup.