3 Ways the Knowledge of your Purpose can Change the Trajectory of your Life

Different people view purpose from different standpoints. Regardless of how you view purpose, we can all agree that purpose is key and it is the reason why you exist. 

God was intentional about creating you because you have a role to play in His grand plan for human existence. 

Do you know that discovering your purpose can completely change the trajectory of your life? Just by knowing your purpose, everything about you can change. Here are 3 ways the knowledge of your purpose can change the trajectory of your life:

  1. It helps you live a fulfilled life: Myles Munroe once said, “without the knowledge of purpose, abuse is inevitable.” If you don’t have an idea why you exist, it is only a matter of time before you begin doing things that you shouldn’t do. Purpose brings you to a place of fulfillment. A fulfilled life is one that has pursued and attained the goals for which it exists. The only way to live a fulfilled life is to first find purpose, and then take steps toward fulfilling it. In fulfilling your purpose, you find fulfillment for yourself. We can put it like this, your life will continue to experience a vacuum until you find purpose and take steps to fulfill it. It is only when you do, that you experience that feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing what you should.
  2. It helps you add value to the life of others: Living without knowledge of your purpose leaves you in a state of selfishness. Only people that have found purpose can truly be selfless. This is because your purpose is never about yourself. It is always about adding value to the lives of others using something that you have been blessed with. A person who has found purpose is continually seeking ways to give to others, not just material things, but in different ways. They do this mostly without any reward in sight. Their only initial benefit is the fulfillment that comes from adding value to others. Even when the reward comes, as it eventually will, they are only driven to do more. When you find purpose, adding value to lives becomes a norm.

4. It helps you stay focused: Someone said, “purpose is your internal compass.” It provides direction and guides you through every stage in life. Through the knowledge of purpose, you have a framework that guides your decisions. This knowledge ensures that you remain focused in the face of distractions and challenges. Not every opportunity is yours. Some of them are distractions and only a true sense of purpose will help you know the difference. Purpose helps you to stay resilient in the face of challenges, prevents burnout, and encourages you to keep going. 

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