3 Reasons Why Purposeful Leaders Are Intentional Leaders

Imagine a manufacturer creating a new product just because they wanted to add to the number of their patent and nothing more. This never happens. In the same way, no human being was created just to make up the numbers. You were created for a specific purpose and the earlier you find it, the better for you and everyone else that you influence.

Purpose presents you with a sense of direction, guides your decisions, and shapes your goals. However, to achieve so much as a leader, you cannot only depend on finding purpose, you must also be intentional. This is where the rubber meets the road. Intentionality added to a sense of purpose is a sure formula for success in any field. To live a life of purpose, you must be intentional. Here are three reasons why purposeful leaders have to be intentional:


  1. Self-improvement: You cannot truly lead others if you have not led yourself. Being intentional is one of the most potent ways a person can transform themselves. Through intentionality, a purposeful leader like yourself can draw up a specific plan for self-improvement and personal development. You begin to ask the right questions and find the answers to make you a better leader. As you grow as a leader, you gain the impetus to guide your team toward improving themselves. It also equips you with sufficient information and grit to face and maneuver challenges with more grace. You must seek ways to equip and nurture your talents through mentorship and utilizing the necessary resources.
  2. Better influence: Leadership requires influence and influence is cultivated, rather than a by-product of sitting in the driving seat. When a leader walks alone, he is only taking a stroll. To be a true leader, you must have followers. People only follow a person that they trust, who has influenced them over time. As you improve yourself as a leader through intentionality, you become more influential within your space and industry. This influence opens doors to several benefits that will ultimately lead you toward outstanding success.
  3. Improved results: Leading with an intention helps you to align your actions with purpose. It is when you do this that you improve upon previous results. We all want better results, but they do not come from just being a leader. Passiveness doesn’t bring results, intentionality does. 

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